Top 10 Wearables of 2015

A snowy night

A snowy night

I came back early for the show due to the major snowstorm. Luke shows off some weartech gifts he got to continue on his C3P0 build. We also go over some of the expectations at CES 2016.

Wearable Today Episode #92 Show Notes

  • We’ve talked weartech for your wrist, your eyes, your belt, and your butt, but what about… your brain? Wearables are now here that monitor your brain, but can they be really effective? CBC News talked to some experts who say that even if these wearables can monitor 1-200 brain cells, that’s a minscule amount compared to billions of brain cells most people have. They also talk to some makers of brain weartech that actually stimulates your brain, but at this point most of the results seem to be anecdotal, with nothing concretely attributable to the new wearable devices.
  • In “Big Bang Theory”, Howard built a contraption to cheat his wearable. If you are not an electrical engineer, you might need some other ways to do it. From movement to sleep, you can trick your weartech. But really, whom are you fooling?
  • You may have heard last week that Philips began blocking 3rd party bulbs from working with their Hue Bridge. If you did, you certainly heard the backlash from frustrated customers, and you weren’t alone. Philips is now reversing that decision and will be rolling out an update soon that allows 3rd party bulbs back in the pool. Philips does caution that these bulbs might have incompatibility issues, but they leave that up to the user to determine.
  • In the past we’ve talked about how you can track your vitals for preventative measures. PDFDevices goes through points you can take note to so you are healthy and safe in the coming years.
  • Many people predicted that the Apple Watch would spell the end for companies like Fitbit, who only offer basic fitness trackers without all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch. But looking at Amazon and Apple’s App Store, that doesn’t seem to hold much truth. Amazon announced that the Fitbit Charge was one of the top 3 devices using the same-day delivery option, and the App Store ranking for the Fitbit app was in the top 5 for several days after Christmas, indicating that it was getting a lot of new downloads. Maybethe 8 year old company actually knows a thing or two about creating great products at the right price.
  • Earlier today several photos of the Google Glass Reboot hit the web. The main design hasn’t changed but it looks like there are many new features. Magnetic charge/sync, foldable bow, front light, 5GHz wireless, new battery and improved heat management. Finally, a larger prism and better placement of the power button may make Glass more useable by the masses.

What to Expect for WearTech at CES 2016

I take a look at a few companies exhibiting. These companies include:

  • Righteye, helping with vision performance
  • Mocacare, a heart rate tracker with more options
  • Withings, a popular weartech company will be unveiling new products
  • Supersuit, gaming gear

Wearable Today’s Top 10 Wearable Technology of 2015

Who made the list? You’ll have to watch the show to find out… You can check out the slideshow

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