Turning Your Dumb Watch into a Smartwatch

We made some changes to the show for better viewing, Luke and I talk about that and how you can help. I started the Twitter handle @WearableToday to bring you more wearable content.

Luke showed off his costume from Halloween – he’s working on a full-size C3P0. He has the head and feet done at this time and is working on finishing the suit by Episode VIII.

Wearable Today Episode #88 Show Notes

  • Fossil, the number one manufacturer of fashion watches in the world, is joining the smartwatch race. Their new “Q” line of watches do different things for what you buy. The QDreamer and Q Reveler are activity trackers, while the Q Grant and Q Founder are similar to a Moto 360 watch. And the prices are competetive starting at $125.
  • We were on hiatus when Michael J Fox showed off the self-lacing shoes on Jimmy Kimmel. But that’s not the only B2TF weartech that is getting made. The University of Minnesota Wearable Technology Lab is working on the retracting jacket, and more functional items like gloves that will “tingle” when danger is near. Perfect for Firefighters and Police when in a situation. Maybe even the Zombie apocolypse?
  • Misfit CEO Sonny Vu announced there will be two new wearables debuted at CES 2016 and only one is going to be an activity tracker. Misfit is working on higher-end weartech for fashionistas. They are working with Swarovski with the solar powered Swarovski Shine – which is coming soon.
  • A few weeks ago we talked about the TAG Heuer weartech launch. Their $1,500 smartwatch claims “almost the same features” as Apple Watch came out today in six brightly colored wristbands. No word on if this watch will be called “Swiss Made” as 50% of the components need to be made in Switzerland.
  • Like your dumb watch? You can convert it to a smartwatch using Chronos – a small disc that adheres to the back side of your watch will give you simple bluetooth functionality like tex messages and phone call notifications.
  • A Tech conference in Toronto last week discussed the issues sports teams will start to get into with weartech. Mostly privacy issues involved in this discussion, but it’s only one of a few angles that need to be discussed when you are talking competetive sports.
  • Check this out: Shapeways has a 3D printed Apple Watch charging clip that allows you to keep the watch firmly attached to the dock for charging. Only $10, you can clip the puck to the watch. There are 38 and 42mm watch clips and the price is a lot better than the $100 Apple stands.
  • With any computer, you can get a version with modular adjustments. Now weartech is entering the modular phase with BLOCKS. The strap links add functionality to the watch, from GPS trackers, heart rate modules, NFC payments and even extra battery life. This Kickstarter will get you a watch for $195, or $250 with 4 links. Only 10 days to go and the company has surpassed their $250,000 goal.
  • Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! That might have been the first widely-known medical wearable. As we move to more sensor-centric weartech, we start looking at opportunities of quality of life for those in their 70’s and up.

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