TWIGG #3: Grandma Wants Google Glass

TWIGG-003This week we look at more privacy issues with Google Glass including the creepers of Google Glass. Will privacy be a big concern with the public or will they accept Glass in public? Luke has a great story of a Grandma who tried his Glass.

After the show, I switched up the domain. You can now find us at We also got new contact emails – [email protected] and [email protected]


  • IfIHadGlass Winners – Google sent out all Developer invites and now will focus on the #ifIHadGlass contest winners (including me). Luke mentioned you might be able to get your Glass through the mail…
  • Everything You Can Do – Things you can do with Glass to this point.  
  • Creepers? – At first it was black patent shoes. Then it was cell-phone upskirting. Now its Glass?
  • Hidden Browser – Changing the firmware shows a Chrome Browser
  • Glass Porn – Company working on apps to bring your porn to Google Glass

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*Slight audio issues in 2-3 scenes.

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