Waiting for Google Glass GDK

Talking Google Glass Ep 16

Talking Google Glass Ep 16

This week we tried to run This Week in Google Glass as a Hangout Q&A. I had some luck with it during another video and wanted to see how recording this way will work. Although it looked good during the recording, I think we’ll wait a little longer to use this option.

I did some kayaking for these last warm days of the year. Luke is preparing for the Big Android BBQ coming up.

This week on TWIGG #16

  • XE10 Opens Glass – Will XE10 allow people to finally do some serious programming to Glass?
  • Glass on Tour – Google Glass will be in Durham NC to start some nationwide tour
    • Luke and I will also tour to your city to explain Glass. You just have to cover airfare and hotel
  • The GDK – What we’re expecting from the Google Development Kit. Luke’s acting like a kid waiting for Christmas day
  • GTA 3 on Glass – Grand Theft Auto maps loaded on Google Glass.

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