Wearable Defense: Wearable Technology that Protects You

Siren ring

Siren ring

This week, Luke was at the Google Developer’s Summit (GDG) in San Jose, CA. GDG meetups happen all over the world, so if you are even interested in becoming a Google platform developer, look for your local GDG.

Schedule note: For the next two weeks I’ll be on the road, ultimately at SXSW Interactive. Wearable Today LIVE will be back on March 24, but there may be a SXSW episode (depending on time).

Wearable Today Ep #66 Show Notes

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  • Even Cats and Dogs are getting their own wearable tech. Collars that monitor the dog’s health like Voyce and Whistle, and GPS aware Tagg that helps you find your pet are two different wearables for pets. Even wearable harnesses that attach your GoPro for the pet’s point of view are available.
  • Fashion company Michael Kors wants to go higher-tech. They announced they are making plans for wearables and will announce more in the next few months. Although we don’t have any more information than that, people are speculating purses and compacts will start getting the tech treatment.
  • From Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this weekend, HTC has announced “The Grip.” Its a wearable fitness tracker with GPS and will sync with under Armour products and be compatible with Android and iOS. They will be releasing more details in the Spring, but they did claim that Sport Mode would only last 5 hours.
  • Also from MWC – Huawei joined the wearable market with two new devices – the TalkBand B2 – a wrist wearable and the TalkBand N1 – a set of earbuds with 4 GB of storage and is a full sports tracker. Also not ready for prime time.
  • Finally, Apple was granted a patent for a virtual reality headset. The patent allows the VR to control an iPhone screen. The patent was originally filed for back in 2008. Apple also has a 3D patent out there, which means Apple has been seriously working on VR for a while now.

The LAST Apple Watch Watch?

The Apple event will happen next week and everyone is saying “Apple Watch”. It would be funny if Cook announced something else but a watch, but that’s probably not going to happen. That means by the 3rd week of March, people will be lining up outside their Apple store for the wearable.

Fund Me: How NOT to do a Crowdfund…

Most companies have been working on a companion wearable for your smartphone, but what if your smartphone was the wearable? Blu is working on a wearable phone that is flexible. Not sure how it works but it might be like one of those slapbands from 10 years ago. The Android device would be a fully bendible item. I am not sure about this Kickstarter because of the backing levels – Pay $193 for a chance to purchase the phone at $520? Although this is a cool idea, there are some sketchy practices here.

The Focus: Wearable Defense – Wearable Technology that Protects You

Do you know of wearable technology that can act as a defense? let us know!


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