Wearables for the Gym: What is the Best Wearable Out There?

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Wearable Today Episode #78 Show Notes

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  • Sources close to Google are saying that the next version of Google Glass is already here, in the form of beta hardware that will soon launch as Google Glass – Enterprise Edition. 9 to 5 Google has a nice writeup on the various bits and pieces that we’ve been seeing, and says that these all fit together to be something that is only for business. The Glass for Work initiative saw startups partnering with Google to use the device in suprising ways, and it seems like the next version will ONLY be for these groups. No word yet on a consumer edition, even for Explorers who were told they would see the next version of Glass soon.
  • A couple weeks ago we talked about Doppel in our Fund Me segment. The Huffington Post has an interview with the creator of the technology, Fotini Markopoulou, where she discusses her ideas behind the wearable. She discusses how the device can help with your sleep, and how the research behind it makes it a different type of wearable. Read more over at huffingtonpost.com.
  • The HTC Grip, which we saw at Mobile World Congress, is being delayed as HTC rethinks their wearable vision. HTC put out a statement saying that after extensive testing, they decided to align Grip with their portfolio for health and fitness coming later in the year.
  • Would you buy a wearable that helps you lose weight? Thin Ice is a weight-loss clothing line that uses the principle of a cold environment to increase your metabolism. Their insoles and vest chill your body down at key points, and your metabolism increases to compensate, and warm you up from the inside. They’ve only got 2 days left, and are still quite a bit away from their $50k goal, so if this interests you, you need to act fast!
  • Should the FDA be regulating wearable devices? This is a question of Politics vs. Ethics. On one hand you want a wearable that does everything it claims. We’ve already seen questionable wearables with heightened claims. Some sending pulses throughout the body like those “Exercise belts” did back in the late 90’s. Even the “Low risk” wearables like Fitbit caused medical issues last year as some had skin irritations.
  • Apple Watch sales are estimated to be lower than expected, and perhaps in response Apple is planning to launch more colors of the their newest device. These new colors are expected to match their latest phone, the iPhone 6s.
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  • Focus: Gym Trackers – Believe it or not, these devices are much more powerful than your Apple watch. Measuring reps over steps and using sensors around the body to figure out what you are doing right and wrong. Luke and I go over the differences between your fitness tracker and a Gym tracker. We also check out the article by Wareable and show you how these systems blow away any Fitbit.


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