Wearables and Home Automation: Going Hand-in-Hand

Our friend Marco Nieves of Obsessively Geek joins us to talk about his journey into home automation. We look into some ways that wearables can play a big part in that. Marco talks about the issues and ways around some of the components that are not ready yet. For instance, he uses IFTTT.com to fill in events he cannot program otherwise. We even played with the Amazon Echo.

Eric Forty asks about Apple Homekit automation on the Questions and Answers area. In all, a very informative look into home automation!

Wearable Today Episode #79 Show Notes

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  • I have some great news on our hosting front. Last week I told you our current hosting provider Blip.tv was shutting down. After some emails and contacts, our friends at Cachefly stepped up and helped us with not only with hosting, but also hosting the archive of shows. Season 3 will be up on Cachefly, whereas Season 1 and 2 will be available at Archive.org. I will be moving content over in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, check out the great deals at Cachefly, and try their 14 day free trial.
  • The Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials has created a new process that creates batteries that are smaller and charge faster. Thanks to graphene and carbon nanotubes, along with a conductive polymer, they are able to create larger surface areas to store electric charge, and are flexible. This means that we could see these batteries in smaller, wearable applications, as well as in implanted devices. To read more, visit www.phys.org
  • Are you a small business that is concerned about Wearable technology? Are you wondering if you should make a wearable app? Do you love hearing people asking you questions? Why not check out this article over on moneycontrol.com that asks 4 key questions to ask before adopting wearable technology?
  • Could Teenage girls be designing the most creative wearable on the market? Kyle Vanhemert over at Wired thinks so. Jewelbots are the friendship bracelet of the modern age, with an ulterior motive to make computer programming more appealing to young girls. The device is worn on your wrist, and can be programmed to light up different colors at different times. Right now, it focuses on turning specific colors when specific friends get nearby, but can be enhanced by the user as they learn programming skills.
  • We’ve all seen futuristic wearables in movies before, those movies have been an inspiration for a lot of the wearables being created now, but have you ever thought about how many wearables are in the James Bond franchise? Well, wareable.com did, and put together a list of the 35 wearables they found. From laser watches, to X-Ray specs, to Jaws’s famous metal teeth. Don’t expect to see headphones with garrotte wire built in any time soon, but you might notice a few that resemble devices that are now easily available.
  • Looking for a stand for your Apple Watch? Want something Geeky and fun? WATCHME kinda looks like a minion has taken over your Apple Watch for only $24, you could get a black and white stand. Add the app and it looks like your watch is looking back at you.
  • 10,000 steps a day. You might look at your watch and see an acomplishment, but does this really matter to your Doctor? Dr Nick van Terheyden, the appointed chief medical officer at Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences says “Not Really”.
  • There won’t be any Gold Watches at your local Best Buy, but you will be able to soon check out the base model at the retail stores. 16 models will be available to purchase at Best Buy very soon. No dates have been set, yet.

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