Can Wearables Predict Seizure, Stroke or Other Life Events?

I can go 10.4 miles on my Misfit Flash with out going anywhere. Find out how on the show!

I can go 10.4 miles on my Misfit Flash with out going anywhere. Find out how on the show!

Just so you know, we talk about Jurassic World, but I don’t go into spoilers. Only the fact that their shots of Madison WI look nothing like Madison, WI. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie.

Wearable Today Episode #74

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  • Swedish company Tobii is working on eye-tracking software that allows you to type, select items, and more. They highlight the story of John Elvesjo, who suffered a broken neck and now uses the software to help with everyday life.
  • Looking for a wearable to change your mind and body? Thync is a $299 device that will help do that. Wrapped from your forehead to behind your ear, and will do more than just track your steps. Thync is a SF Bay company that wants to help you alleviate pain and improve your brain functionality. Using stimulants to do it, is this a useful tool, or just another late-night infomercial promising things it cannot deliver?
  • Check this out: someone has put together an Infographic using the periodic table of elements for wearable technology. The idea is to categorize all different types of wearables. “Cw” means Conditional Workflow, while “Ae” is Aerospace. There are 103 different “elements” to this table.
  • Live-streaming is all the rage, but what if you want to Livestream with a better camera than the one on your phone? UK carrier EE is now offering the 4GEE Action Cam that lets you live stream using a dedicated plan. The camera has a 3 hour battery life, and comes with a waterproof case, and helmet, chest, and bike mounting equipment. Plans start at 10 pounds a month, with a 99 pound purchase price. [ed note. how do I type the fancy L?]. Right now it’s only available in the UK, and streaming is only on Skeegle, but if popular, this could expand to other markets and video streaming services.
  • Your headphones want to get into the wearable game. Kuai is a headset that combines a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and ability to coach you on your goals. Touting ad the first multisport biometric headphones, Kuai might be the perfect item for runners, swimmers, and cyclists.
  • A wearable getting it’s own wearable? That’s what Powerbeats2 is for. It’s a set of earphones that pairs with the Apple Watch so you can leave the iPhone at home when it’s too bulky to carry. But then again, who leaves their iPhone at home?
  • This shows we expect more out of Apple when they put out a device. Many people are giving non-favorable reviews to the new wearable. Research firm UserTesting found that 38% would stay true to their fanboy status and highly recommend the device.
  • Check out for your own wearable
  • Wearable of the Week – Misfit Flash
  • Empatica CEO Matteo Lai spoke at the Digital summit in Dubai, touting we have the ability to detect epileptic seizures. Similar to a seizure smelling dog, imagine you getting a phone call alerting you of the event – better yet, a medical team coming to your assistance before the seizure happens?
    What other events could be predicted to save a life via a wearable? Heart attack? Stroke? Seizure?
  • Our own Jaime Davis (the Nursing Show) said “From injury sensing clothing to baseball caps that predict seizures before they start, the future of wearable technology in healthcare applications is just getting started! As a nurse, I’m personally frustrated that healthcare systems are not moving faster to adopt wearable technology for patients in their everyday lives. All of the innovation is coming from the tech industry. They mean well but don’t have the knowledge to take it to the next step. We could be saving more lives today, everyday, but we’re not and that’s a shame.”

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