Wearables at Sporting Events: There are Sensors in your Seats!

Wearable Today Episode #76 Show Notes

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  • Will Pavlok help you curb your midnight cravings? This is a shock collar that you wear on your wrist. It will send a shock several times a day, even if you are not craving food. The idea is to stop whatever bad habit you are doing through configurable reminders, but I’m guessing most people would just take it off after a while.
  • University of Virginia Researacher are working on a low-power microchip so it can be supported on-body. The chip would support real-time health monitoring in long-term use. Associate Director John Lach states they are focusing on childhood asthma right now with the technology
  • A Handy Infographic shows some great facts about wearables. Did you know 10 million wearables were sold in 2014? And that 76 thousand people are employed by companies developing wearables? Even cows have wearables that farmers use to track livestock efficiency.
  • Wearable tech jacket SCOTTeVEST is crowdfunding their newest vest – the Ultimate pocket fleece. with 19 hidden pockets, one that is RFID block-able, you can store all your gear in one area. From phones to tablets, water, ID’s, headphones and more. Some pockets you don’t need to take items out to use them. You can get an early fleece for $150 through the crowdfund.
  • Might not want to take that Apple Watch to class – especially during test time. With these tech advances, universities are concerned of the cheating factor. Australia already has restricted these devices during tests – they cannot be worn or placed on desks. Putting a $400 watch in your pocket might not be the best answer, either.
  • Marco also showed off some 3D Printed Apple Watch Docs. One that glows!
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  • We talk a little planning for SXSW 2016
  • Wearable of the week: Dubs earbuds 
  • Wimbledon just got a bunch of data from the crowd to show the crowd feeling. While they used wearable wristbands to get the information, we here at Wearable Today have to take this to the next level. What if your seat became a wearable? What if certain areas of the stadium collected data such as the amount of traffic, standing vs. walking areas, smoking areas (if applicable), or just the levels of emotion during the event. Planning out music to excite the crowd, removing events based on response of the data, even finding new ways to upsell those hotdogs and cokes.
    Integrating with a companion app, they could gather even more data using beacons. They could even make it opt-in and give away some swag to entice people to participate.

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