Winners of Glass Explorer Invite Program

Chase Nunes

Chase Nunes

I am in Tucson AZ this week, but I wanted to get out the winners of the Glass Explorer invite program. We had a lot of great “If I had Glass” entries. Of course, if you gave me a good, honest answer and explained within a couple paragraphs, you were chosen.

The Winners of my invites:

– Chase Nunes

– Jeff Funk

– Noah Guilbault

From Chase: 
What would I do #ifIhadglass is to engage the community and share the many different unique properties that makes glass really special.

The ability to take video, pictures, access information on the fly, all from one of the most intuitive interfaces out there.

Many in my community cannot afford something like this, so I would be able to share my experiences to them in a very unique and awesome way – and they would be able through me to share those experiences.

It’s not just about the media capturing, what about being able to access information and new and unique ways. While I was sad that I wasn’t able to get on board during the first wave, I’m hoping that through this opportunity I will be able to.

#IGeekOutGlass is the way to go, & I really appreciate you considering me for this.


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