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The Wearable Runners Really Want

The other day I talked to someone who is training for a marathon. They tried a couple wearables to help in their process but wanted something more. Both Luke and I look into the mind of a runner and hopefully help in conveying the message. Luke also got a 360 camera and was showing us what it can do for his trip to Europe. Season 3 of Wearable Today comes to an end with episode 99. Since Luke will be in Europe and I will be heading to SXSW, we will be taking a few weeks off before we jump...

This Week in Google Glass on Stitcher

This Week in Google Glass on Stitcher

If you are a fan of Stitcher Internet Radio, then I have some great news for you. the audio version of TWIGG is available on Stitcher! You can listen to the show in your car, on Android, iPhone or iPad! Just follow the link to get to TWIGG on Stitcher

Let us help you cover your Google Glass

Let Us Help Cover Your Google Glass!

TWIGG is taking donations to keep this show ad-free. However, we also want to help those people who need a few extra dollars to get their Google Glass. Therefore, we want to hear YOUR story. If you cannot afford Google Glass, let us know a little about you, why you need help obtaining your Glass and what you would do when you got Glass. Once we raise enough funds from donations, we will pick 3 stories and have the audience decide. The chosen story will receive funds from the donation pool to purchase their pair of Google Glass. If you...