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The Wearable Runners Really Want

The other day I talked to someone who is training for a marathon. They tried a couple wearables to help in their process but wanted something more. Both Luke and I look into the mind of a runner and hopefully help in conveying the message. Luke also got a 360 camera and was showing us what it can do for his trip to Europe. Season 3 of Wearable Today comes to an end with episode 99. Since Luke will be in Europe and I will be heading to SXSW, we will be taking a few weeks off before we jump...


3D Printed Shoes

Last episode as I head to London for a couple weeks. Luke was featured in DFW Newsflash November 2015 issue for his Luke Skywalker outfit. WearableToday.com has moved to a new server. I am still working out all the bugs and hopefully the 500 errors will be going away. So, Phil Grubenhoff, apparently we made the cover of a magazine. Okay, so it’s an airport magazine they have at DFW, but… Posted by Luke Wallace on Sunday, November 22, 2015 Wearable Today Episode #90 Show Notes A couple people noted what we talked about on last week’s show Android Wear Supporting...


What is Project Aura – Is It Google Glass 3.0?

Last week Luke went to Our Kansas… wait… Arkansas. I had some internal weartech issues as I slipped a disc. I guess my spine has not converted to MP3’s yet. Wearable Today Episode #84 All show notes can be found here Pebble has gone circular! The Pebble blog showed off their new line of smart watches last week and stated they are the “lightest and thinnest smartwatches they have made as of yet.” The Pebble Time Round is only 7.5mm thick and weighs 28 grams, coming in multiple designs. The new watch will be available soon at $249.00 with a...


Come Blog for Wearable Today

As a growing show for wearable technology, we have decided to add a news section to the website. We are looking for bloggers to help report the wearable news! From Apple Watch to Google Glass and everything in-between. This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of this growing show. Articles would then become part of the weekly show, where we discuss the good and bad. If you would like to help out, please send an email to Jeff at wearabletoday.com or luke at wearabletoday.com.


Google I/O: What is Project Soli and Jacquard?

Back from a 3 week recess and we have a ton of news this week. Our friends at GoggleTech sent both Luke and I a pair of C1-Glass, a step above Google Cardboard.  We show you how they work and give our thoughts. Luke was at Google I/O, so he gives us an update on the event. Of course, we had the Memorial holiday in there and I was in Vegas for HP Discover. We also introduce a new segment, called “On the Medical Front” highlighting wearable tech in health-care. Wearable Today Episode #73 Show Notes All show notes are...


Cross-Platforming Wearables: Can You Connect an Apple Watch with Android Phone?

Both Luke and I got our Google Glass Vol 001 picture book. During the show I show you whats inside and will there be an 002? Thanks to Eric Forty for jumping on the Question and Answer section to contribute to the show. Wearable Today Episode #65 Show Notes Show Note Links for Episode #65 Have you ever wanted a bracelet that you can change the pattern on? The tago arc wants to provide that to you. Currently an indiegogo campaign, the e-Ink display wraps around your wrist, and can be updated via NFC. Since it uses e-ink, the bracelet...


3D Printed Accessories for Your Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

Back from another small break as Luke went to play Star Wars with the Dallas Mavericks. No Mark Cuban sightings, though. We have a jam packed show with a lot of news along with some great 3D printed items Marco Nieves sent to us. Wearable Today Episode #64 Show Notes This weeks show links found here If you’re expecting to see the newest version of Google Glass pretty soon, don’t hold your breath. The New York Times talked with people with inside knowledge, and they say that Tony Fadell will not be showing anything until it’s really ready. Fadell is...


2014 Review, 2015 Predictions of Wearable Technology

This week we take a look at what happened in 2014 and what we’re expecting in 2015. For us its been a fun ride, with guests and even a full name change and direction in the show. Of course, the biggest wearables in 2015 will be Apple Watch and what becomes of Google Glass. Luke and I have our thoughts as to where they are going to go. Episode #61 Show Notes All Episode 61 show notes are here Are you working so hard you fall asleep before your favorite prime time shows start? Well your wristband could notice if...