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The Wearable Runners Really Want

The other day I talked to someone who is training for a marathon. They tried a couple wearables to help in their process but wanted something more. Both Luke and I look into the mind of a runner and hopefully help in conveying the message. Luke also got a 360 camera and was showing us what it can do for his trip to Europe. Season 3 of Wearable Today comes to an end with episode 99. Since Luke will be in Europe and I will be heading to SXSW, we will be taking a few weeks off before we jump...


Cheating Wearables: Who Will be Banning Wearable Technology? Schools? Courts?

Wearable Today Episode #77 Show Notes Show Notes and Links Here Think Wearable Tech is a new idea? Then you should visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and check out their new exhibit titled “On You: A Story of Wearable Computing.” Taken mostly from the personal collection of Thad Starner, the exhibit has over 20 years of history from the research and consumer fields. You’ll have to act quickly though, the exhibit will be moving on after September 20th. Lux Research is reporting that Samsung is leading the wearable market, at least in patent submissions. With 4% of...


Wearables at Sporting Events: There are Sensors in your Seats!

Wearable Today Episode #76 Show Notes All show notes and links are here Will Pavlok help you curb your midnight cravings? This is a shock collar that you wear on your wrist. It will send a shock several times a day, even if you are not craving food. The idea is to stop whatever bad habit you are doing through configurable reminders, but I’m guessing most people would just take it off after a while. University of Virginia Researacher are working on a low-power microchip so it can be supported on-body. The chip would support real-time health monitoring in long-term...